I´m Chus Alonso, spanish professional photographer and filmmaker, based in Chicago, Illinois, US.  

I have a good eye for photography that I ́ve developed since I started taking photos 22 years ago with an analog camera, starting with action sports, landscapes and travels but later I have worked in all kind of photography like portraits, beauty, fashion, architecture, industry, photo products for e-commerce or retail, events...and film festivals.

In 2004, 15 years ago, I founded an adventure sports company, ALUA Outdoor Projects (www.alua.es) in Spain, that was a good school for me to get the most challenging projects not only in outdoor activities, events or sport management, also as photographer and videographer, promoting the company. Although the company never stop growing and actually give jobs to more than 100 people, in 2011 I decided to dedicate exclusively to my passion, photography and filmmaking and founded my own video production company: “Chus Alonso Photo & Video”.

In 2014 one of my photos was chosen for the poster of the “Journals of Mountain Sports” in University of Basque Country, Spain (the year before was chosen a picture Jimmy Chin, now most know by his Academy Award Winning Film “Free Solo”).

In 2018 I got to show in the main street of Malaga downtown a photography individual exhibition about Malaga Film Festival, that was seen by more than 1 million people during 10 days.

I have been intensively working more than 10 years in video production and photography . My strength is creativity and my experience as CEO of a video production company have been an incredible learning.


Contact: [email protected] 


Showreel 2019: vimeo.com/344982785
Instagram: instagram.com/chusalonsophoto
Videos: vimeo.com/alua